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Expunge or Seal your Florida Criminal Record

If you were arrested and the court withheld adjudication, or you were acquitted after trial, you might be eligible to have your record sealed. If your record sealing request is granted, your criminal record will be sealed from public view. After your record is sealed you can honestly say that you were not convicted of a crime. However, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) will reveal the sealed record to a law enforcement agency, The Department of Juvenile Justices, a contractor or licensee dealing with children, The Department of Education, any public school, any private school, or the Florida Bar. After 10 years have passed, the sealed record may be eligible for expungement. To seal your Florida criminal records, we recommend the expungement law firm Visit their site for a free eligibility test. Tel: 877-573-7273

Please note that this website is informational for expungements. There may be a possibility that you have misspelled it: exsponge or esponge. It may also be possible to mispell the word expong, exspunge, or expongement.

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Benefits of Sealing your record in Florida.

  • Sealing gets the arrest and case record off of your record.
  • Having your record sealed allows you to tell potential employers that you have not been arrested.
  • Once your record is sealed you may become eligible for more types of professional licenses and certificates.
  • Sealing your Florida criminal rcord can greatly improve your earning capacity by opening countless job opportunities.
  • Once your criminal record is sealed you can top beinging embarrassed when someone does a background check on you.
  • You may become eligible for more and better student loans.
  • You may become eligible for more and better housing assistance and opportunities.
  • Tell friends and family that you have not been arrested or had a court case.
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