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Expunge Criminal Records in Florida Instructions

Expunge Criminal Records in Florida Instructions

Clean Seal Florida Criminal Records Quickly with ECDU
If charges have been dismissed before trial, and you have no other convictions and haven’t expunged another offense, then you may expunge your record in Florida. Additionally, if 10 years have passed since having a record sealed, then you are eligible to expunge that criminal record.
If you have a less-than-perfect history and are now seeking a job, you may have come across the terms expungement, criminal record clearing, and so forth.
Of course there are many companies that provide record clearing service – each with their own system and methods. But to add confusion to the matter, only a few provide an accelerated service called an Expedited Criminal Database Update or ECDU.

Driving under the Influence DUI

If you have a record for a DUI from the past 5 years, we recommend that you call an DUI expungement law firm for more information. There may be a way for you to clear your DUI record by having it expunged and cleared. A DUI does show up as a criminal record, especially if you got into an accident or injured someone.

After Probation

Finding a job after probation can be tough. Most job offers require a criminal background check and if you’re on probation it likely means that you also have a prior criminal record for a serious offense. The details are very important to getting an expungement after probation, and we highly recommend contacting a law firm specializing in expungement.


A drug deal charge can be consider a serious offense to any job recruiter. Luckily as long as a felony is not involved an expungement attorney can assist you in having a drug-related charge expunged from your records (depending on the offense). Because there are varying scales of drug schedules offenses it will be nearly impossible to list all of the possible outcomes of a drug expungement. Therefore we again highly recommend a law firm specializing in record clearing for this process.

Restoring Gun Rights

Your second amendment rights and civil rights are extraordinarily valuable as an American citizen. Losing these rights can be devastating and can leave you to be vulnerable to a home robbery or even worse – violence. Regardless of how you lost your gun rights, there are ways to have any prior offenses cleared so that you can restore your gun rights.

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