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Posted by in Featured providing Free Eligibility Testing for Expungements providing Free Eligibility Testing for Expungements

There are many terms for the word expungement and it can be confusing at times. We’ve heard terms such as record clear, clearing record, and record erasing. There also have been situations where the even the spelling of expungement has been confused: expung, expunged, exsponge, esponge and so forth. is now providing free eligibility testing for ExpungeFloridaRecords visitors by visiting them through our website. This will probably not be a permanent offer as many expungement companies do not provide free eligibility testing for FL residence.


Taking the test is easy and can be completed within minutes. From there you can decide whether or not their fast and well-priced service are a match for you.

So if you are interested, click the button below and you will be directed to their Florida sub-page for their free eligibility test!

Florida Expungement Qualification Test

Don’t worry, there is no obligation and the test is free and it can be done without providing any contact information.