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Reasons to Expunge a Record in Miami

Miami is the most populated city in Florida and is known for its resort like weather and beautiful beaches. If, however, you have a criminal record in Miami, you may not be able to enjoy all of the perks that Miami has to offer. An arrest by the Miami police force may give you a criminal record. A criminal record may be the reason that you are continually passed over for employment and housing. There are many reasons to expunge your Miami criminal record. By expunging an offense from your criminal record, you are ensuring that your offense does not show up on criminal background checks for employment and housing, which in turn may help you to create a more desirable life for yourself.

How a Criminal Record May be Preventing you from Expanding your Career

Most employers today run background checks as part of the prescreening process. If you are unable to pass the background check, your application will most likely not even make it to human resources. Having a criminal background can prevent you from being considered for employment for which you are well qualified. Many employers cannot employ applicants with criminal records, and others will not simply because of the high level of competition in the workforce. With so many eligible people looking for employment, having a criminal record is a good reason to eliminate an otherwise desirable candidate.

In particular, if you are looking for a career in any service field such as nursing, caregiving, education, the armed forces, or to be a peace officer, you cannot have a criminal record. Only under very limited circumstances may your application be reviewed so that you can explain the terms of your offense to the interviewer. Otherwise, a criminal record makes it very difficult to find employment in any of these service fields.

How a Criminal Record may be Preventing you from getting Desirable Housing

The same is true of trying to purchase or lease a house, apartment, or condo. Landlords also run background checks and are equally particular about to whom they rent or sell. Having a criminal record appear on your background check for housing may prevent you from being considered for that beautiful beachfront condo, or that chic Art Deco style South Beach apartment. Expunging an offense from your criminal record may help you to find better housing by showing relators and landlords that you would be a reliable tenant/homeowner.