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Florida Voting Rights

There are certain factors about your case that will determine if you are in possession of your right to vote. Below you will find a detailed description of these factors for voting rights in Florida.

In Florida, if you are eligible for an expungement or a sealing, then your voting rights have not been taken away and you can currently vote. In order to be eligible for an expungement, your charges would have had to been dropped before trail. To be eligible for a sealing, you would have had to receive withheld adjudication and successfully completed the program.

For either the expungement or the sealing to occur, you have to have zero convictions in Florida or in any other state.

If you are interested in determining your eligibility, call today for a free over-the-phone consultation at 877-573-7273 or visit our website at for your free eligibility test.  You can also call the Florida State Bar Association for information about help for people who cannot afford to hire an attorney or if you want recommendations on lawyers to hire for your expungement service..