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Expunge a DUI Arrest in Orlando


Florida dui arrest photo by Stephen C. Webster

Orlando is popularly known as theme park and tourist central, attracting over 50 million tourist a year, which is almost 10 million more tourist than New York receives per year. What many visitors fail to keep in mind while on vacation is that they are still responsible for their behavior and the consequences of their actions. If you are caught drinking and driving, you will be given a DUI, which could leave you with an offense on your criminal record. The DUI will stay on your criminal record until you actively have the DUI expunged.

Getting a DUI in Orlando could result in a misdemeanor or a felony on your criminal record, and having to pay fines and restitution depending on:

  • Your blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time the breathalyzer was given
  • The number of times you have been cited with a DUI, with fines and jail time increasing with every DUI given
  • If there was property damage incurred while driving under the influence
  • If anyone was injured or died as a result of you driving under the influence

How to Expunge your DUI in Orlando

If you were a resident of Orlando or just visiting during the time of your DUI, you will still have to petition for the DUI expungement with the same courthouse that oversaw the hearing for your DUI. Fortunately, even if you are no longer in the area, you can hire an Orlando based attorney to file the petition and all court documents for you. The attorney will also be able to go to court for you so that you may not have to return to Orlando at all during the DUI expungement process.

If you have a DUI in Orlando, the best way to have the offense expunged from your criminal record is to hire an experienced expungement attorney who is licensed to practice law by the Florida State Bar. While you always have the option to file motion for the DUI expungement on your own, hiring an expungement attorney is a worthwhile investment.

When choosing an attorney to represent you for your